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Illustration of a child looking at a tablet

Your Ai powered bedtime story generator.

Faible AI

What is FAIBLE?

Infinite Bedtime is a good-night story generating tool for the imaginative parents of sleepy kids. Tell the stories and teach the lessons that are important to you in a language kids understand and connect with.

How it works


Add your child's name, story read time, location, characters, art style, and the moral of the story.


Powered by ChatGPT & MidJourney collaborate with Storybook Ai to craft your custom bedtime story.
Re-roll images and copy until your custom story is perfect.

Save & Share

Save your story to your Infinite Bedtime library, then explore the community library for other stories to save, share, and remix.

Read & Relax

Share your favourite stories with your favourite little sleepy head. Read them a new story every night on your iPad and order physical versions of their favourites to read again and again.

Community Library

Explore an infinite library of sleepy stories from around the world and be inspired to write your next bedtime favourite.

A mockup of a printed book with an Ai generated story

Print Your Favourites

Every little one has their favourite stories. Printing directly from the app and you'll be flipping pages and sounding out words together in no time.

Three people looking at a tablet and laughing

Get Started!

Join the early-entry waitlist today and be a part of the Infinite Bedtime beta group! Get all the news about this and other projects from Polyform Studio delivered to your inbox twice monthly.